A Blog, right from the staff…

A Blog, right from the staff…

Peninsula TV is adding a blog written entirely by it’s staff.

Big deal, so what, you might ask?  Well sometimes there’s things we just HAVE to tell you.  I, Rocky, may speak on things related to production, or making videos with us.  Dan may have knowledge on what’s going on in your community, or a great place to grab a bite to eat.  Garett might have some awesome movie review he needs to get out, or some tips for submitting programming to PenTV.  And Mark may have information related to upcoming PenTV programming.

Or…we may just upload cat videos.  Who knows?  You can never get enough of those on the internet.

Seriously, we’re just going to leave it up to the individual staff member.  We’re turning this feature of our website on, just to see what might happen.  It’s not like it’s a competition or anything.  Right?…It’s no contest, there’s no prizes to give out…That would be totally unnessesarReady-Set-BLOG!!