Coming Soon: Seven New 1on1s

We’ve got quite a guest lineup planned to tape 7 back-to-back episodes of One on One interviews this Friday with Host Dani Gasparini, which now includes even more than 7 guests total:

  1. Michael Strohecker, Efficient Now
  2. Nancy Ballard, Rooms That Rock 4 Chemo
  3. Michelle Chang, There With Care
  4. Anthony Harbor and Teresa Trujillo, BHRS / National Recovery Month
  5. Tom Thompson, San Mateo Rotary President
  6. Peter Ohtaki, CA Resiliency Alliance
  7. Marina Fraser, Councilmember for Half Moon Bay

You can begin to view them once they’re ready for airing next week. In the mean time, you can get an early start previewing the special San Mateo Rotary Club video above that will air daily during this set of interviews for the next month!