Updating our website.

Holy smoke! Maintaining a website can be a lot of work.  It seems to be a constant a work in progress.

I hope you like the changes.  We’ve got the front page looking pretty good, with our web stream up front, and big, colorful, and easy to find buttons to take you to importants places.



We’re trying to make it easy to see,

  • When a program is on
  • Where to find our shows online
  • The current going’s on in San Mateo County
  • Our community billboard, any time of day.

Also, if you scroll down, there’s the 6 most recent videos below that.  To the side is our twitter account, and links that go directly to Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, Vimeo, and more.

I’m particularly proud of the “shows” section of the website.  We’re trying to categorize everything so it fits, and is easy to find.  Most of the current programming er…”programming’ is done at this point, and should update automatically as we produce more.  And, as I get more time, some of the older programming should appear too.

I should also mention, next the “What’s going on in the County” should get revised.  There is so much you can do here.  Lots of “goings on.”

And we’ll try to refine the “services we provide” section. and “pep” it up a little bit.  We’re pretty much a full-service production facility, with the studio and edit suites. Not to mention the on-location gear, not just to shoot it, but we can stream it as well.

Well, I do hope you enjoy the website changes. It’s not the most glamorous part of video production, but it is great to see it come together.