Title Safe Zone

This simple guide will help those of you interested in creating future slides for displaying on the PenTV Bulletin Board:

  1. Create your slide in PowerPoint, Keynote, Photoshop or any application that allows saving images.
  2. Type text in a legible font for TV screens, with font size 24 or greater. Use 30 words or less, and bold is preferable.
  3. Include any photos / logos / graphics where desired.
  4. Be aware of the Title Safe Zone. Anything overlapping the 1-inch margin that borders the image might get hidden on certain televisions.
  5. Avoid using the brightest white. Use light gray instead, or slightly darken whole image.
  6. Save image as a JPEG with 720 x 540 dimensions.

Following those key points, you can submit your slide to us via email at [email protected]. Once your slide is approved, please send us a check specifying the amount of time you desire below, and we will start airing it as soon as your check is received.

  • 1 Month = $35
  • 2 Months = $65
  • 3 Months = $90
  • 4 Months = $130

Send your check to:
Peninsula Television
P.O. Box 1065
San Carlos, CA 94070 

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