South City 1on1s

February’s nearly come and gone already, but our One on One episodes have arrived! Hosted by Dani Gasparini, there are 7 new interviews all in the airing lineup. View them all below:

EPISODE 1147 – Supervisor Carole Groom
Co-Chair of the Redwood City-San Mateo County Progress Seminar
EPISODE 1148 – Supervisor Carole Groom
Streets Alive! Parks Alive!
EPISODE 1149 – Sharon Ranals
Director of Parks & Recreation, City of South San Francisco
EPISODE 1150 – Cheryl Grantano Rich
Assistant Library Director, South San Francisco Public Library
EPISODE 1151 – Gayle Pietras
Service Committee Chair, Soroptimist International of North San Mateo
EPISODE 1152 – Sean Brooks
Economic Development Manager, Redwood City
EPISODE 1153 – Kitty Lopez
Executive Director, Samaritan House