1 on 1

PenTV has several new episodes of One on One with Dani Gasparini. You can view them all right here and feel free to share them as well.

1154: Mike Casey:
Host Dani Gasparini interviews Mike Casey, Host of San Mateo County History Stories on PenTV.

1 on 1 – 1154: Mike Casey from Peninsula TV on Vimeo.

1157: Nancy Greenbach:
Host Dani Gasparini interviews Nancy Greenbach, Chair of the Peninsula Volunteers Decorators Show House.

1 on 1 – 1157: Nancy Greenbach from Peninsula TV on Vimeo.

1158: Teri Chin:
Host Dani Gasparini interviews Teri Chin, Human Services Manager for the City of Redwood City.

1 on 1 – 1158: Teri Chin from Peninsula TV on Vimeo.