Plaques Received from Peninsula Press Club!

For those of you just reading this for the first time, Peninsula Television earned not one, not two but three awards from the San Francisco Peninsula Press Club on June 1st, 2013! Entries were from 2012. It was our first time entering the contest, and every entry earned either 2nd or 3rd place status. Plaques arrived today, engraved in wood and gold-plated. As the festival was based on online entries, we simply had to submit the online links below for the judges to view:

  • 2nd Place, Interview or Talk Show:
    The Game – 190 – Will Durst
    Recipients: Mark Simon, Garett Thomas, Rocky Robinson
    Vimeo Link:

  • 3rd Place, Interview or Talk Show:
    One on One – 1118 – Darby Anderson
    Recipients: Garett Thomas, Dani Gasparini, Rocky Robinson, Dan Lu, Katie Roletto
    Vimeo Link:

  • 3rd Place, Special Program:
    County of San Mateo STEM Innovation Programs 2011-12
    Recipients: Josephine Yu, Garett Thomas, Dann Bergman, Rocky Robinson
    Vimeo Link:

Big congrats to PenTV!