April 22nd Lung Cancer Living Room Livestream

In 1998, Marty Tenenbaum was diagnosed with metastatic melanoma, a disease that at the time had no known effective therapies. After receiving various recommendations from leading oncologists (each with a dire prognosis), Marty set forth on a desperate quest – a search for promising clinical trials. But nobody could answer the big question on any patient’s mind,

“Which treatment is most likely to work for me?”

So Marty gathered all the information he could and bet his life on an experimental vaccine. While the trial ultimately failed, Marty was one of the fortunate few who responded well and survived. But this “modern miracle” only raised more questions with Marty. Why did this drug work for him but not others? Was cancer more personal he thought? Could one patient’s story help similar patients lost in a sea of treatment options? It was life saving knowledge. But there was no way of sharing it.

Marty’s new mission? Cancer Commons, a nonprofit that unites patients, oncologists, and scientists to ensure that critical information is shared and gets to the patients who need it. By collecting data from thousands of cancer patients, we can identify patterns in treatment choices, results, and side effects that can lead to better outcomes and quality of life.

Every year 1.6 million Americans are diagnosed with cancer and nearly half of those cases are considered incurable. But many of those “incurable” cases may be beatable by exploiting biological features unique to each individual’s cancer.

So how do you treat cancer at the personal level it deserves?

By knowing what treatments patients like you have tried, and how they’ve worked. So share your cancer story today.

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