Teens Today – Show 02

Teens Today – Show 02 from Peninsula TV on Vimeo.

Teens today have vastly different experiences based on where they grow up. But, these five teens from Capuchino High School are exemplary of a new normal on campus. According to the school’s Assistant Principal, graduating seniors heading to a four-year college used to be the exception, but now, they’re the norm.

In today’s episode of Teens Today, we take a look at what it takes to achieve this “new norm” of overcoming obstacles at school and at home, digging deep, and receiving that coveted diploma.

Hosted by Stacie Chan. Guests:
– Juanita, Senior, Capuchino High School
– Sammy, Senior, Capuchino High School
– Jasminka, Senior, Capuchino High School
– Alondra, Junior, Capuchino High School
– John-Michael, Senior, Capuchino High School

Taped 10/28/2014