The Game – 215 – Russell Hancock

March 13, 2015
10 a.m.
Guest: Russell Hancock, President & CEO, Joint Venture: Silicon Valley

We all see it – the traffic congestion, the skyrocketing housing prices and cost of living, an economic boom that seems more like a catastrophic explosion.
We take stock of the state of Silicon Valley with one of the region’s keenest observers and policy leaders – Russ Hancock. The Game is Silicon Valley and The Game is on.

Who knew good times could be so hard? Silicon Valley has the lowest unemployment in the nation, the tech industry is making big leaps forward and construction is booming. But traffic seems to be worse than ever and the cost of living – driven by an insatiable demand for housing – is threatening to drive people away.

We take a snapshot in time – an assessment of where we are, what the problems are and what some of the solutions might be – with our guest, Russ Hancock, President & CEO of Joint Venture: Silicon Valley.

State of the Valley
Housing prices
Office boom
Educational needs
The Income Gap
A Changing Peninsula