The Game – Show 214 – Kevin Mullin

The Game
March 13, 2015
9 a.m.
Guest: Co-host Kevin Mullin

We keep warning him that this could be bad for his career, but Assemblyman Kevin Mullin keeps coming back to this show and now he’s coming back, not as a guest, but returning as my partner and co-host. The Game is The Game – I’ve wanted to say that for years – and The Game is on.

Welcome to The Game.
Before he was elected to the state Assembly three years ago, Kevin Mullin was the mayor of South San Francisco and my partner and co-host on The Game. We’re pleased to announce that he is returning in that last role, apparently unconcerned that such an association is a bad career move.
We’re going to take one last shot at interviewing Kevin before he switches to this side of the table and we double-team the political, business and community leaders of the Bay Area.
And just to be fair, Kevin is going to talk to me about some of the activities from my day job working in public affairs for SamTrans and Caltrain.

State Budget revenues
Other revenue sources
Gun violence
California’s Largest Cash Crop
2016 and beyond
Congestion on 101
Jim Hartnett – the new GM/CEO
Caltrain overcrowding
Caltrain electrification
SamTrans and mobility