The Game – Show 220 – The Political Scene

Topic: The Political Scene
Carla Marinucci, political writer, San Francisco Chronicle
Bill Whalen, Hoover Fellow, Political Commentator

It’s not an election year, but it sure feels like one, with presidential candidates criss-crossing the nation and dominating the news
We talk to our political dynamic duo – Whalen and Marinucci – about a campaign already in full sprint. The Game is Politics, the Game is on.

Sixteen Republicans are running for president, and each of them seems intent on out-Trumping Donald Trump. Meanwhile, the most prominent Democratic candidate is a self-described socialist who seems intent on pushing Hillary Clinton to the left.

We could have them on every week – they’re just that good – our political dynamic duo of Bill Whalen, Hoover Institution Fellow and GOP political commentator and writer; and the San Francisco Chronicle’s Carla Marinucci.