The Game – Show 224 – All Mail Election

Recorded October 12, 2015
Topic: All-Mail Election
Guest: Sarah Stern-Benoit, TBWB Strategies, Inc.

With cities and school districts holding elections this year, San Mateo County will pioneer the first all-mail countywide election in state history.
We’ll talk to a leading campaign consultant about what this means for the voters and the candidates. The Game is politics. The Game is on.

San Mateo County this year will be the first in the state to hold an all-mail election. Ballots are going out as we speak and an education program got underway recently to make sure the voters know about this historic change and how to make sure they vote.

Will it work? How will it affect turnout? And what does it mean to the dozens of candidates and measures on the ballot. We pose those questions to Sarah Stern-Benoit, partner in the political consulting firm TBWB. She has managed more than 50 bond and tax measures and won nearly all of them.


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