The Game – 226 – The Economy

Guests: Rosanne Foust, President & CEO, Samceda
Michael Dorsey, Managing Partner, Bay Area Growth Fund
Topic: The Economy

Are we choking on our own success? We talk about the booming economy with our team of experts, Rosanne Foust and Mike Dorsey. The Game is the Economy, The Game is on.
Unemployment is at an historic low. The economy is in overdrive. Housing prices are skyrocketing, traffic congestion is the worst it’s ever been and a recent national report confirms that the middle class is shrinking. Can we survive this kind of success? And is it going to be followed by another crash? Joining us today is our insightful duo of Rosanne Foust, president and CEO of the San Mateo County Economic Development Association – Samceda, and Michael Dorsey, managing partner of the Bay Area Growth Fund, a private fund that invests in socially beneficial startups.