The Game – 230 – Wounded Warrior Amputee Football Team

Young men and women go to war and some lose a leg or an arm or more. But they are still young men and women and they want to have lives that are vigorous and meaningful. We’re going to talk about a video that captures that spirit. The Game is sports, the Game is on.

On Super Bowl weekend, a remarkable event took place at the College of San Mateo – the Wounded Warrior Amputee Football Team played a group of NFL alumni, and we are lucky to be able to relive the event with a very special video.

Joining us are two people involved in the event and the video: Greg St. Clair, producer of the video and, incidentally, son of the late 49er Hall of Famer Bob St. Clair, and Rick Bonilla, from the San Mateo City Council.

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