Tomorrow: Annual Halloween Costume Giveaway from Samaritan House


You’re invited to Samaritan House’s


What: Samaritan House will give more than 200 costumes to local children living in poverty at this year’s Halloween Costume Giveaway. A costume may sound frivolous, but Halloween is a big event for children, and the celebration creates lifelong memories. Parents want to give the best to their children, even when it means they must make sacrifices. For many of our clients, buying a Halloween costume means going without other essential things. By giving a costume to a child, you are helping them fit in with their peers and create lifelong memories while also helping parents save their limited resources for things like paying the rent.

When: Saturday, October 15, 2016, at 1 p.m.

Where: Inside the Kids Closet, on the first floor of our Headquarters 4031 Pacific Boulevard, San Mateo CA 94403

Visuals: An adorable photo opportunity with hundreds of giddy and excited children picking out Halloween Costumes. We will have food, candy, music and fun in addition to the costume giveaway.

Other: Halloween Costume donations are still needed! Costume donations will continue to be collected after the event and will be given to children via our Kids Closet. Costumes donated late, or after Halloween, will be save to give out next year. We are looking for new or nearly new costumes for boys and girls of all ages. Donations can be dropped off between 9 AM and 5 PM at our headquarters 4031 Pacific Boulevard, 3rd floor, in San Mateo.

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