Burlingame Spring Events: Free Programs on Environmental Topics Offered


The Citizens Environmental Council of Burlingame (CEC) is inviting the public to four “Green Programs on Hot Topics” focused on current environmental issues in coming months, beginning on Wednesday, March 22, with speakers describing how sea level rise will affect local residents.

All programs are free. Except for the May program, they will be held at 7 p.m. in the Lane Community Room in the Burlingame Public Library at 480 Primrose Road in Burlingame. Everyone attending is eligible for a free raffle prize.

At “How Will Sea Level Rise Impact You, Your Family and Your Community?” on March 22, Hilary Papendick from San Mateo County’s Office of Sustainability and Gary White, co-chair of the San Mateo Chapter of the Citizens Climate Lobby, will discuss what sea level rise means for Burlingame and the Bay Area, what regional agencies and governments are doing to prepare for it, and how you can make a difference by making your voice heard.

“Residents of Burlingame and other cities who live or do business near the Bay may not realize they could be exposed to frequent flooding from rising sea levels in coming years, or that their property values could be impacted,” said Mike McCord, chair of CEC. “Residents who live in the hills could also be affected, since they rely on roads, airports, businesses and city infrastructure that would be crippled by the rising sea levels, which could increase two feet by 2050. Sea level rise has been described as a ‘slow-moving emergency.’”

In addition, Burlingame resident Brian Benn will explain how people can participate in the 2017 Bay Area Resilient by Design Challenge, which will fund interdisciplinary design teams to collaborate with communities and foster creative, implementable solutions for select locations around the Bay waterfront.

Presented by the Citizens Environmental Council of Burlingame. For more information, visit www.cecburlingame.org or email [email protected].

Other programs in CEC’s 2017 lineup are:

Grassroots Advocacy 101 – Wednesday, April 12

Now that policies on climate change and environmental protection are in jeopardy, what are the most effective ways to influence those who shape our laws? Brian Rawson, an experienced trainer who has been mobilizing people to address societal inequities for 20 years, says signing petitions and making phone calls is not enough. He will explain how to use your time effectively and will teach you crucial advocacy skills. While attention will focus on environmental policies, the tools and skills acquired are applicable to any advocacy effort.


Screening of ‘Before the Flood’ – Wednesday, May 3

Directed by Academy Award winner Fisher Stevens, Before the Flood features Leonardo DiCaprio on an international journey as a United Nations “Messenger of Peace,” sounding the alarm about the growing climate crisis. He joins scientists on expeditions uncovering the reality of climate change, meets with political leaders fighting against inaction and discovers a disinformation campaign aimed at confusing the public. Distributed by National Geographic, this documentary is 96 minutes long. This program is cosponsored by the Burlingame High School Parents’ Group and will take place in the Burlingame High auditorium at 1 Mangini Way, Burlingame.

The Growing Problem of Electronic Waste – Tuesday, July 18

There’s a dirty secret about electronic waste. In California, even in Silicon Valley, it’s often shipped to developing countries, where its hazardous components contaminate water, soil and air. As the volume of e-waste increases, due to shorter product life cycles, how can we make sure it’s recycled responsibly? Two speakers will offer ideas: Tim Goncharoff of Santa Cruz County, which recently passed strict e-waste legislation; and James Kao, founder of GreenCitizen, a sustainable e-waste recycling firm based in Burlingame.