Check Out 1st of Many OES Prepared Puppet Pals PSAs!


Created for the Office of Emergency Services in San Mateo County, we taped a series of PSAs. This first one below has started to air this week, all about Earthquake Safety with Kevin Miller. We’ll keep blogging them for you to see over the next few months:

Currently is airing within bundled programs at the following times this week:
-FRI at 10:30 am, SUN at 5 pm
(Approx 10 min into program, “70 Strong”)

-MON/SAT at 7 am, 12 pm & 7 pm
(Approx 10 min into program, “Pen Voice”)

-WED/SUN at 1:30 pm
(Approx 11 min into program, “San Mateo County History Stories”)

IMG_5830 PUPPETmaxresdefault (3)

More Prepared Puppet Pals PSAs to come soon here:

More about Emergency Preparedness at