The Game – 249 – Special Edition: Millenials

In another year, they will be the largest demographic group in America. They are Millennials and we’re devoting an hour to this rising and youthful tide. The Game is Millennials. The Game is on.

Welcome to a special edition of The Game. By the 2020 presidential election, they’ll cast more votes than any other bloc. They are Millennials and they are on the verge of dominating our politics the way they already dominate popular culture. What worries them? How will they change our economy and our workforce? Do they like their label?

Most researchers define Millennials as people born between 1981 and 1996 – so they range in age from 22 to 37. We’ve assembled a panel to talk about this increasingly important and dominant group.

We should note, while we are identifying our guests by their professional affiliations, they are here as individuals and are not speaking on behalf of or representing their employers. Joining us are:

Jason Galisatus, Community Relations Associate at Stanford University, whose extensive background in public policy includes serving as a political consultant and as an intern in Nancy Pelosi’s office. He currently is co-chair of the San Mateo County LGBTQ Commission and the Redwood City Downtown Association.

Ashley Quintana, Public Policy Associate Manager at Facebook, who worked there previously as a Community Outreach Coordinator, a position she also has held at San Mateo County, working as a liaison in the heavily Latino community of North Fair Oaks. She is an advisory board member at the Spark Program and a board member at the Redwood City Library Foundation.

Kevin Fong, District Representative for Assemblymember Kevin Mullin, with extensive background in the state Legislature, serving in a variety of roles for the state Assembly and state Senate in the Bay Area. He also has worked as a political consultant for a San Francisco firm.

Christine O’Neal, the principal at O’Neal Coaching and Consulting, specializing on advising professional workers on how to maximize their career opportunities, talents and skills, with a particular emphasis on employees in the Silicon Valley job market. She also is founding director of the MOSA Group, which seeks to prepare young women for college and post-college. Her work has naturally exposed her extensively to Millennials.

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