The Game – 255 – Crime and Punishment

Immigration, the Opioid crisis, school shootings, police misconduct – the list of challenges facing law enforcement is more complex than ever. We tackle these issues and more with San Mateo County’s top law enforcement officials – Sheriff Carlos Bolanos and District Attorney Steve Wagstaffe. The Game is Crime and Punishment. The Game is on.

San Mateo County is one of the safest counties in California with crime rates well below the state average. Even with that good news, we are not immune to the concerns we read and hear about almost daily – the fear in minority populations of a crackdown on immigrants, the growing crisis over opioid abuse, the fear our young people face from school shootings and a seemingly daily report of police abuse of authority.

Here to discuss these complex and difficult issues are the top two law enforcement officials in San Mateo County. Sheriff Carlos Bolanos was elected to his office June fifth after two years as the appointed sheriff. He has been in law enforcement for 37 years. District Attorney Steve Wagstaffe was re-elected to his office June fifth without opposition. He was elected in 2010 and has served in the prosecutor’s office for 30 years.

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