The Game – 256 – Melissa Michelson

The June 5 primary is in the books. Was San Mateo County’s all-mail election a success? And what does the voting tell us about what might happen in November? We crunch the numbers with political analyst Melissa Michelson. The Game is Politics, the Game is on.

The June 5 statewide primary election had a lot on its agenda — San Mateo County was one of five to make history by conducting an all-mail ballot. Did it mean more voter participation? The top-two primary was supposed to be a sweep for Democrats, but it didn’t turn out that way.

We sift through the remains of the day with our own political analyst, Menlo College Political Science Professor Melissa Michelson, co-author of “Listen, We Need to Talk,” an examination of changing public attitudes toward LGBT rights.

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