The Game – 259 – Amy Buckmaster and Rosanne Foust

Our Peninsula is in the midst of a booming economy. Why has it happened and will it last? We ask two of the community’s top business leaders. The Game is Business. The Game is on.

In just 10 years, an economic boom has transformed the Peninsula into an urbanized center of jobs and major employers intent on growing in place. The county has the lowest unemployment rate in the state, perhaps in the nation. Normally, this is good news, but along with this has come choking traffic and skyrocketing housing costs. Can we stand success?

And are we in danger of killing the boom? To understand how we got here, what we need to do to maintain the region’s economic health and how to manage all that comes with it, we’re joined today by two leading Peninsula business executives, Amy Buckmaster, President & CEO, Redwood City/San Mateo County Chamber of Commerce, and Rosanne Foust, President & CEO, San Mateo County Economic Development Association (Samceda).

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