The Game Special Edition – 262 – Redwood City Candidates

There may be no hotter race on the November 6 local ballot than the seven-candidate campaign for the Redwood City Council. All seven candidates are here for an exchange of views and policy positions. It’s a special edition of The Game and The Game is on.

Welcome to a special edition of The Game. My partner, Kevin Mullin, is on assignment.

All the issues we face – managing the explosive growth that comes with a booming economy, disruptive and frustrating traffic, the soaring cost of housing and its impact on the people who live and work here – they’re all very much at hand in Redwood City, which has transformed itself in the past decade into an economic and social center of the Peninsula. Against that backdrop, seven candidates are running for three seats on the Redwood City Council.

We are joined by these candidates, who are here for a special hourlong edition of The Game to discuss their campaigns and the future of a city that seems to embody all the concerns we face throughout the region.

Joining us today are:

Jason Galisatus, a community relations associate at Stanford University, vice-chair of the city’s Complete Streets Advisory Committee, co-chair of the city’s Downtown Association and a board member of the Redwood City Education Foundation (RCEF);

Giselle Hale, director of Media Partnerships at Facebook, a member of the Redwood City Planning Commission since 2014 and a board member of the RCEF and a working mother raising two young children;

Diane Howard, current Vice Mayor and nineteen year veteran of the council, whose range of civic activities stretches over three decades;

Rick Hunter, owner of his own accounting firm, a former member of the Planning Commission and the city Parks and Recreation Commission, board member and treasurer of the RCEF;

Diana Reddy, a long-time community advocate and organizer on a host of issues, including education, health care and housing, former member of the Housing Leadership Council of San Mateo County, the San Mateo County Living Wage Task Force, and the city’s Housing and Human Concerns Committee, and former co-chair of Faith In Action, a community and faith-based advocacy organization;

Ernie Schmidt, vice president of Fox Theater Properties, Inc., a member of the city Planning Commission since 2009 and an active member of a long list of civic and charitable organizations;

Christina Umhofer, small business owner, whose businesses include investment property and used to include the long-established auto repair shop Fred’s Garage, which closed earlier this year after 58 years, and a long-active leader in local youth sports.

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