The Game SPECIAL EDITION – 270 – New Faces in Peninsula Politics

The 2018 election brought to office an unprecedented number of women and minorities.

In a special edition of our show, we talk to four newly elected city council members about the changing politics of the Peninsula. The Game is politics, The Game is on.

Welcome to a special, hour-long edition of The Game.

San Mateo County is growing ever more diverse. And economically, its ties to the technology industry are growing ever stronger. Reflecting those changes, the most recent elections meant an unprecedented number of minorities and women won election to their respective city councils and school boards. It means new leadership, a new generation of elected officials who will be seeking higher office and it is a change in our political infrastructure that has just begun.

To talk about these changing times, we are joined by four newly elected city council members: Giselle Hale from Redwood City, Mark Nagales from South San Francisco, Drew Combs from Menlo Park and Richa Awasthi from Foster City.

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