The Game – 276 – Gay Rights and Politics

Could this be the year an openly gay man is nominated for president by a major political
party? I talk to two of our leading LGBTQ activists about Mayor Pete and more. The Game is Politics. The Game is on.

I’m Kevin Mullin. Welcome to The Game.

In an astonishingly short period of time, acceptance of same sex marriage has gained mainstream acceptance. But at the same time, Peninsula polling shows that many members of
the LGBTQ community still feel unsafe in the region.

To cover this and other topics, I am joined by Ken Yeager, the Peninsula’s senior statesman from the LBTQ community. Ken recently left the Santa Clara County Board of
Supervisors after three terms and is now executive director of the community foundation of BAYMEC, one of the leading local political organizations representing the LGBTQ community.

And Jason Galisatus, former founding member of the San Mateo County LGBTQ Commission and a leading activist in the community since high school.

Recorded 4.19.2019

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