The Game – 289 – Duffy Jennings

If the 1960s were about peace and love, the 1970s were some of the most turbulent days in the history of the Bay Area.

And Duffy Jennings was an eyewitness to it all. The Game is our troubled history. The Game is on.

Welcome to The Game.

The Milk/Moscone murders, the Zodiac, the Zebra killings, the kidnapping of Patty Hearst, the Dan White verdict – for anyone who lived in the Bay Area during the 1970s, it is remembered as a decade of violence, turmoil and even fear. As a young, talented reporter for the San Francisco Chronicle, Duffy Jennings found himself, time and again, assigned the task of witnessing these remarkable events and making sense of it all for us in the next day’s newspaper.

He has written a terrific book on those decades, including the toll they took on him personally. It’s called Reporter’s Note Book: A San Francisco Chronicle Journalist’s Diary of the Shocking Seventies, published by Grizzly Peak Press and available on Amazon. It captures those turbulent and frightening days to great effect. He’s still a great reporter.

Recorded 2019.11.01

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