Creating Your Own Program

Peninsula residents, businesses, non-profits and schools may produce content for PenTV using our equipment, facilities and professionals. There are two ways your program(s) can be produced an aired on Channel 26:

Do It Yourself

You can make your own program by yourself, using your own crew of family,  friends or acquaintances. You can use your own cameras and editing gear and drop off your finished program for us to consider airing. OR, you may prefer to rent and use PenTV’s studio and equipment.

Before any of our gear can be used, however, you and anyone else using our equipment must become certified by taking an appropriate production workshop; or if you’re already technically savvy, you can get yourself tested by one of our experts.

Hire PenTV Staff and Services

You may have the content idea but don’t know how to actually get everything organized and ready for actual production – or you simply don’t want to hassle with all the responsibilities and details. You can hire PenTV and facilities and have us execute your program production for you in-studio or on-location. Details, costs and other requirements will be defined during a pre-proposal meeting.

For either of those scenarios, here is a general overview of what is required. We are, of course, always available to discuss unique situations, requirements and/or any questions you might have. Most often an independent producer must:

Attend an orientation;

  • Sign up as a PenTV member;
  • Submit a Project Proposal;
  • Attend a Producer’s Workshop or related “certification” class;
  • You must take our workshop if you need to use our equipment;
  • Once your Project Proposal is approved, the Production Contract form is completed;
  • Crew and studio are scheduled and production can begin;
  • Producers must complete their first episode within four months; and
  • When complete, submit your show with Playback Request and Compliance forms.

We anticipate by now you have many questions. Please give us a call at 650.637.1936 or send an email to

Independent Producers on PenTV

While PenTV producers most of its own programming, we dedicate a number of slots on a first-come, first-served basis to independently produced program series. (Contact PenTV if you have a one-time program you’d like to air.)

The fee for airing a series is $25 per month or $150 per year. (This supports processing and equipment use. Programs we receive from partnering public access stations are exempt from this fee.)

Due to the high demand to air programs, it is important to follow the requirements below, or the program may lose its slot. In order for us to process, digitize, and air the tape:

  • We must receive the tape – do not send your record master – at least two weeks in advance of the airdate.
  • There must be one minute of bars and tone (do this first).
  • There must be a slate that states the title, program number, taping date, TRT (total running time) and the desired airdate (do this second). >There must be a countdown (do this third).
  • The length of the tape must be no longer than 28:30, or it risks being cut off.
  • Since we broadcast digitally, airing on a digital format is best. We accept DVC Pro, DVD, Mini-DV, DV-Cam, and SVHS. We do not accept programs recorded on VHS.

Follow the labeling requirements on both spine and front:

  • Program title, number of program, and airdate (please print neatly).
  • For audio, indicate hi-fi or normal. We cannot return any tapes via mail. Personal pickup required. Please indicate on each tape if you’d like us to recycle it.

While we do our best to air each program on the desired airdate, there are many logistical as well as technical steps involved. If your tape is technically unsound, if there are labeling inconsistencies, or if we have received the tape too late, we cannot guarantee that it will air. We encourage you to contact Pen TV at 650-637-1936 to ensure that each tape has been received and processed.

Thanks for considering Peninsula Television: Comcast 26, Wave 27, AT&T U-verse 99.