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Peninsula TV Video Services

Peninsula TV Video Services Peninsula Television (PenTV) is a registered 501(c)(3) not for profit organization dedicated to serving the community with professional services and support at very affordable cost.

Pen TV offers a wide range of video services at our state of the art studio in San Carlos, CA, or at your location. Our staff is skilled and experienced in all facets of video production.

Pen TV can produce, film, and edit your content for broadcast on television (or HD), the web, for DVD, or other media distribution. We can also help you story board or develop your content ideas.

Pen TV offers studio rental services for your meeting, event, or production with full audio and video capabilities. We can also host and broadcast Webinars.

Here are some of the services that Pen TV has provided past clients:

  • Retail TV and Web Commercials
  • Organizational Messaging Video
  • Documentary Video
  • Virtual Video Tours
  • Fundraising Video
  • Educational and Training Video
  • Debate or Discussion Forum Video
  • Leadership Communication Video
  • Interview Video
  • Product or Service Promotional Video
  • Raw Footage (B roll) Video
  • Meeting Video
  • Stage Production Video
  • Voice-Over Services for Existing Video
  • Static Picture Slideshow
  • and more…

PenTV can also film and edit your personal events or get-togethers with the same degree of professionalism and attention to detail as our business services.

For some real samples of some of our work please click or visit:

More videos and samples of our work can be found at – just do a search for Peninsula TV

Want to chat with us to discuss your next project? Want to get a quote for your great idea? Please contact us at Or you can call us at 650.637.1936.

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Production Services Equipment Description

For Single camera HD/SD Field Productions
We have a Panasonic HVX-200 P2 DVCPRO-HD Camcorder, which can shoot in high definition or standard definition, interlaced or progressive, so we can make your video look good on TV or the Web. With our hard drive recorder, and/or the P2 card format it’s state of the art tape-less production. Our single camera kit is also equipped with 2 very high quality Lectrosonics Wireless Laviler Mics, so audio is as clean as the HD picture.

For Multiple Camera on-location Event Production
We have a Newtek Tricaster system that allows Studio quality production to be done out in the field. It’s literally a whole studio control room in a box. We just place it on a table, hook in up to 6 cameras (or DVD player, or Powerpoint sources), and it’s perfect for capturing anything from simple Keynote-type speeches, to local sporting events (like football), plays, concerts, forum, talk-show, or any other event or production where multiple camera production is needed. Optionally, you can even stream your event live to the internet (sufficient internet connection required), or output the feed to a projector (projector not included).

In-Studio Production
Our studio is equipped with Four 2/3″ 3CCD Sony cameras, Standard Definition, Widescreen-capable. Also a 24-channel Mackie audio board, an Echolab Switcher, Inscriber CG, and DVCPRO VTRs. The studio was built to broadcast quality standards and is perfect for talk shows, musical performance shows, meetings, forums, webinars, and more. Chroma-keying (green-screen) technology is also available.

Post Production
Be it Standard Def, or High Def, Broadcast-quality post production is possible with our Final Cut Studio editing system. It is equipped with an 8-core MacPro and an AJA Kona LHe card, feeding a 26″ HD Professional Panasonic LCD. If your video is destined for HDTV, internet, or the iPod, we have the tools to get the job done right.