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East Palo Alto Mayor

For our most recent taping of Peninsula Newsmakers yesterday, the Mayor of East Palo Alto, Ruben Abrica, was the guest. He spoke of the town celebrating it’s 30th anniversary, what changes it has undergone in that timeframe, and what lies ahead in the next 30 years. See the full interview above online, or during its airtimes … Continue reading East Palo Alto Mayor

SAMCEDA Innovators Awards

You can now view the 2013 SAMCEDA Innovators Awards, taped this past Monday at the Oracle Conference Center! Will air on PenTV this Saturday and Sunday at 9 PM.

Devil’s Slide Tunnels Opening

This past Monday, the Tom Lantos Tunnels through Devil’s Slide officially opened in Pacifica. Our very own Rocky Robinson was on the scene to capture all of the footage, from the ribbon cutting ceremony to such speakers as Supervisor Don Horsely, with more than 400 people in attendance. See it all now!

Non-Profits Unite!

Peninsula TV was proud to film this episode of The Game, in which six leaders of non-profit organizations throughout the peninsula came to share with Host Mark Simon the challenges they face in hard times, issues they encountered raising money, meeting the demands of those most in need and trying to change the current social … Continue reading Non-Profits Unite!

Burlingame Streetscape Improvements

In one of the latest episodes of Peninsula Newsmakers, Burlingame Mayor Ann Keighran is interviewed about the current literal climate of tearing up the town, in which the city’s downtown center of Burlingame Avenue is getting a makeover with wider sidewalks and other pedestrian-friendly touches. Hosted by Marshall Wilson. Check it out!

Back with Bobbi

We’re churning out new episodes left and right of all sorts at PenTV lately! Here’s a new one ready this week from Real Estate with Bobbi Decker about the Mortgage Market Update. Joe Cucchiara and Maryann Bologna are the guests. Enjoy!