On October 30, 2018, California Assemblymember Kevin Mullin, San Mateo County Supervisor Warren Slocum, Assemblymember Marc Berman and SAMCEDA President Rosanne Foust hosted the 6th annual Connect18 Conference at Facebook in Menlo Park, California. #connectsmc

Connect18: Part 1
Connect18: Part 1 Transforming Communities through Technology. Michael Matthews - Director of CA Policy, Facebook Warren Slocum - San Mateo County Supervisor Kevin Mullin - Assemblyman, 22nd Assembly District Marc Berman - Assemblyman, 24th District Colleen Cassity - 2018 Award Recipient - Accepting on behalf of Oracle Corporation for Design Tech High School
Connect18: Part 2
Connect18: Part 2 Transforming Communities through Technology Connect Talk - Get Moving with Augmented Reality: Gotta Catch 'em All Courtney Power - General Counsel, Niantic - Pokémon Go
Connect18: Part 3
Connect18: Part 3 Transforming Communities through Technology. Tech, Privacy & Democracy Courtney Bowman - Co-Director, Privacy and Civil Liberties Engineering, Palantir John Diaz - Editorial Page Editor, San Francisco Chronicle Robin Feldman - Distinguished Professor, UC Hastings, College of Law Moderated by Assemblymemeber Kevin Mullin Assemblymemeber Marc Berman
Connect18: Part 4
Connect18: Part 4 Transforming Communities through Technology. Connect Talk - Get Moving with Your Career: Charting a New Patch for Life-Long Learning Arunav Sinha - Head of Global Communications, Coursera
Connect18: Part 5
Connect18: Part 5 Transforming Communities through Technology. Connect Talk - Get Moving with a Destination: Pedal Power for the People Katie Stevens - Senior Director of Strategic Development, Lime Bike
Connect18: Part 6
Connect18: Part 6 Transforming Communities through Technology. Connect Talk - Ethical OS - A guide to anticipating the future impact of today's technology Jane McGonigal - Director of Game Research + Development, Institute for the Future
Connect18: Part 7
Connect18: Part 7 Transforming Communities through Technology. Connect Talk - Get Moving with your Organization Ana Martinez - Head of State Public Policy and Community Outreach for the Southwest Region, Facebook Putting it All Together Marc Berman - Assemblymemeber, District 24 Rosanne Foust - President & CEO, SAMCEDA


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