2nd Annual Caminar Mental Health Symposium

2nd Annual Caminar Mental Health Symposium
May 25, 2016, LIVE at 6:30 PM

Mental Illness – a topic long misunderstood by the public and shrouded in stereotype and stigma – is entering a new era of understanding. Caminar believes our society is on the threshold of embracing a healthier and more positive view of mental illness, and we are committed to catalyzing this movement. With our extensive experience in the field and broad network of collaborative partners, Caminar is ideally positioned to lead the local discussion on mental illness, healing, and wellness.

Please join us and tune in for this valuable educational opportunity.

Moderator and Speaker: Steven Adelsheim, M.D.

Speakers: Leanne Williams, Ph.D.; Karan Singh, MS, MBA; Stephan Sanders, BMBS, Ph.D.

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